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Comprehensive developer tools created by the team that brought you Howdy and Botkit.


Content Management For Your Bots

Botkit Studio gives you the tools needed to manage complex bot interactions from prototype to public launch. Based on our experience building Howdy and Botkit, we created Botkit Studio for developers building serious bots.

Botkit Studio provides all the tools necessary to build and launch your bots in an organized environment designed for team collaboration!


Make Updates Without Code Changes

Use Botkit Studio to manage your entire library of bot interactions without requiring code pushes for updates. Our APIs allow developers to incorporate dynamic content and use cloud triggers to build powerful bots.

Botkit Studio also features an SDK that allows developers to use our APIs, useful for existing apps that could benefit from features like bot-specific content management.


Extensible with Third-Party Tools

Botkit Studio can be extended by many popular natural language processing (NLP), cloud computing and deployment tools. This means you can use services like Microsoft LUIS and IBM Watson Conversation Service with Botkit Studio to build natural conversation flows and automate interactions as needed, then use services like Heroku or Gomix to stand up your bot!


Built-in Stats Dashboard

Quickly learn from your bot’s user interactions in the Stats dashboard. You can find insights into the types of scripts being run often to determine the most popular interactions, or look at the latest unhandled phrases to address friction points in your users' conversations.


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