Botkit Studio enables developers to build powerful bot applications

Based on the most-popular open source botmaking toolkit, Botkit Studio is a comprehensive toolset for developers to build conversational software for Slack, Facebook Messenger, Cisco Spark and more. Sign up today to try it for free!

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Bots for internal use on enterprise messaging platforms

Consumer-facing bots that provide services

Bots as marketing and brand engagement campaigns

Conversational interfaces for existing applications

Comprehensive suite of tools for bot development


Conversation managemenT

Managing various bot scripts and interaction type in your code is hard. Based on our experience building Howdy and Botkit, we created Botkit Studio to make conversation design and management much simpler.

Botkit Studio is designed for team collaboration around script authoring and editing. All scripts can be exported and modified with your own code!


Platform-Specific INteraction Design

The script editor is customized per platform, so you can create interactions using the same UI elements that your bot's users will see.

Web-based editing is powerful. You can use Botkit Studio to manage your entire library of bot interactions without requiring code pushes for updates!


Ready for the ENterprise

Based on the popular open-source project, Botkit Studio can be configured so that your organization controls the flow of data in and out of your system.

You are free to choose your own deployment method, NLP stack and analytics solution to fit your application's needs. Contact our team for customization options. 

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