Building large-scale conversational software? We can help.

Botkit provides a unified interface and suite of tools for all of the critical components for operating bot applications in the enterprise. It replaces multiple cloud-hosted services with a single product that you can own and operate in your data center.

Power your bot with Botkit Studio’s API-powered conversational IDE, enabling live edits to your bot, real-time NLP training, and super easy deploys to a hosting environment of your choice!

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Botkit Server includes:

  • Web-based IDE
  • Conversational UI management
  • Integrated analytics
  • Integrated NLP training
  • CRM tools
  • Multi-user collaboration

Why choose Botkit?

  • Open source (MIT licensed)
  • Extensively documented
  • Runs in your network
  • Works with your database
  • Active developer community
  • 40+ open source plugins